Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!
KeitieKalopsia 23 timmar sedan
06:31 "It's not about the money" *It's about the principle*
Jose Gil
Jose Gil 23 timmar sedan
Those fights are so choreographied
WHC Bigboy
WHC Bigboy 23 timmar sedan
Matt I am a real fan I have been there since game theory had 1.5 million subs Point is I am not a troll The Chinese government has done and continues to do the same popular activities dome by the nazis The people you primarily offend is American liberals
Yitzharos 23 timmar sedan
The rich left earth to live on a cruise line....what of the poor?
Nagesh S
Nagesh S 23 timmar sedan
Nearly at 10 mil! Can't wait for the special!
Tilon Plays
Tilon Plays 23 timmar sedan
Brawl stars
V for game
V for game 23 timmar sedan
your tv is studying you
Jake P
Jake P 23 timmar sedan
I also want to say that yes the public tells big businesses we want to destroy the environment, we also can tell the big businesses to do better with how we recycle and save the environment
Saad Majeed
Saad Majeed 23 timmar sedan
The Hufflepuff Gaming Show
The Hufflepuff Gaming Show 23 timmar sedan
Future Theory: How do the humans live so long in Wall-E
Icctracia 42
Icctracia 42 23 timmar sedan
Dude there’s a new one let us here an expanded theory
Z C 23 timmar sedan
It's like Arthur Fleck just watched Taxi Driver and King of Comedy and then hallucinated all his fantasies as a mix of those movies and that's why Robert De Niro is there.
Liam Mcparland
Liam Mcparland 23 timmar sedan
Holy moly mackrel thats deep!
Alex Jewett
Alex Jewett 23 timmar sedan
4:32 Never say those words again for the love of every known god.
Dr.z0mbie 23 timmar sedan
I know this video is old and someone may have already commented this but I wanna point out that it is genius that cars 2 showed fin breathing out of a respirator, because real world cars need oxygen to operate, so of course it makes sense for the Pixar cars to also be breathing oxygen :)
georgeversion1 23 timmar sedan
Well to kind of strengthen the theory here. The rings themselves were actually part of the space craft that brought Fin Fang Foom to Earth in the comics and the 90's Iron Man. I'm surprised you missed that piece of evidence.
Yk_17Blxks 23 timmar sedan
Why in iron fist they fight so slow
Haider Hassan
Haider Hassan 23 timmar sedan
hey map try and watch on Netflix Iron man armored adventure it might help
couya 23 timmar sedan
i miss heath so much
psychosparten049 .Esquire
psychosparten049 .Esquire 23 timmar sedan
I respect that you aren’t blinded by “Powerful Women” and you can criticize what you dislike. Your a lot more respectable than most. Don’t change that Mr. Pixel Measurement.
Aayan Shimaan
Aayan Shimaan 23 timmar sedan
Do pennywise litterally accidentally caused his own death. Well I guess old doesnt mean smart.
Gannon 009
Gannon 009 23 timmar sedan
The empire enslaved the Wookiees
216trixie 23 timmar sedan
Anyone read the Bible? A book full of myths and a famous story about a talking donkey. Been around a long time.
13805 ASHWATH DUBEY 23 timmar sedan
WTF just discovered i am watching you for 2 years and was not subbed , oh this is the other account i was scared for a sec well me subbing
Guy 23 timmar sedan
Gecko o
Gecko o 23 timmar sedan
Well, I don't think that a bank would dare to open on a purge day, also i don't think that they would leave anything valuable inside the bank or the bank's safe, nevertheless you can rob an atm, although... there maybe a line.
SensibleInsanity 23 timmar sedan
As soon as you said Makluan i remembered the iron man adventure 3d animated show idk if it was spelled makluan but I think they said they were makluan rings p
{Çrëamy•Øręo} 23 timmar sedan
17:39 My brain: poo theor-
Deann Rushing
Deann Rushing 23 timmar sedan
The chivalrous footnote precisely injure because cover predominantly suspend to a real sort. round, living throat
Валентин Родригес
Валентин Родригес 23 timmar sedan
Imagine making a whole episode when you could have said " the toys have dragons meaning theyre in the film"
נויה ירושלמי
נויה ירושלמי 23 timmar sedan
Can you please do Julie and the phantoms naxt pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse
[email protected] 23 timmar sedan
I'm usually slightly more familiar with the less popular characters due to their appearances in video games like Marvel Avengers Alliance and Marvel Future Fight
Pirate Owl
Pirate Owl 23 timmar sedan
Isnt shaggy ball z kinda inappropriate
Foxy Pups
Foxy Pups 23 timmar sedan
“Mulan”, is and shall always be my tOp favorite Disney movie of all time, obviously, the other ones are amazing too, I just really like “Mulan” the most.
rudy cuyno
rudy cuyno 23 timmar sedan
Kungfu isn't a chinese word:/ its goungfu and goungfu= skill obtained through hard work and dedication or as most peepz like to say hard work over time. Singing dancing cooking.ect r all a goungfu. Cma aka chinese martial art. Is not goungfu as cma have 2 forms 1 is wushu=war method this is done by training in traditional Chinese weapons ^^ this shudnt b confused wit goushuwushu=nationalistic wushu aka the flashy wushu. & 2 is quanfa=fighting. In Quanfa ti=kick.knee.stomp da=punch.palm.elbow. shuai=grappling&throwing &na grappling.joint locking &ground fighting r all taught ^^
Jayden Luquin
Jayden Luquin 23 timmar sedan
You're the third smartest person on earth the second smartest person on earth is Mark Rober
camron reynosa
camron reynosa Dag sedan
Never would have heard of this series if you didnt advert it like this. Does not peak my interest though, looks a bit dry.
Shayle Thorne
Shayle Thorne Dag sedan
What if they had tissue growing machines, it's far in the future so I am sure that they would be able to make those
the Red shift 7978
the Red shift 7978 Dag sedan
Fing fang from calling it now Edit: HAH CALLED IT
TheHappyMasksalesMan_ Dag sedan
watching this placing my cards like WAIT a minute! . . . does he actuly have my history
derpstar Dag sedan
Matpat you've only witnessed a speck of a fraction of shaggys power
Grant Stumbless
Grant Stumbless Dag sedan
anyone else remember playing fin fang foom in those marvel lego games
Edmond Dang
Edmond Dang Dag sedan
Whens the next Anime Film theory?
Coo coo 100 O’clock news
Coo coo 100 O’clock news Dag sedan
Every dead pool enemy ever after this video: FOOOOoCCKKkKK
Andre RoninRuokJohnson
Andre RoninRuokJohnson Dag sedan
Turn up Mat. Turn up. Your excellence is the best.
Andreas Nielsen
Andreas Nielsen Dag sedan
So close
NightMare Dag sedan
Seanic Cortez
Seanic Cortez Dag sedan
I’d just like to point out that the more gold Scrooge McDuck finds, the lower the value of gold gets.
Amir The king
Amir The king Dag sedan
You were so wrong it was because they were eldiens
•X Leo-Mari X•
•X Leo-Mari X• Dag sedan
Sooooooooo Marvel made a bigggggg mistake
J'Mar Music
J'Mar Music Dag sedan
I swear like four and the marvel/film theory intro we’re shaggy from scooby-doo
Marcelo A. Flores
Marcelo A. Flores Dag sedan
Nunnally Lamperouge
Nunnally Lamperouge Dag sedan
Susan Wojcicki loves eating her shit and a whore
Susan Wojcicki loves eating her shit and a whore Dag sedan
Well, technically, Tony is retired in life so I'll consider that 😂
Haya Al-Sineedi
Haya Al-Sineedi Dag sedan
okay so I was rewatching this theory vid, and I think that the sinister six might be real possible. maybe the hexagons in wandavision were pointing to them, idk but it was fun to theorize ;)
rudy cuyno
rudy cuyno Dag sedan
Chi isn't a chinese word as chi is spelled qi not chi:/ & qi is pronounce as chi. Also shi in Chinese wud b xi=shi. To were as shi is pronounce as shuur^^ not shi.
Charles Martins
Charles Martins Dag sedan
Just for the sake of history: The production-side reason DBZ dragged so much was because the anime blew through the whole manga when the manga was still in progress. An ongoing monthly comic strip with a weekly anime schedule that the author was famous for not planning out stuffs, means you need to stretch a 20-something pages into roughly 80-84 minutes or so of animations every month, and that's definitely tough especially when sometimes that chapter was 100% punchy-punches. And they couldn't stop the anime either when that show was literally the hottest merchandise in history. You kinda have to appreciate the anime-production for able to come up with all those stuffs pretty much on constant sudden-death for years.
haydar eren
haydar eren Dag sedan
colder water makes a puddle water , simple lol
Yosuzume Lorelei
Yosuzume Lorelei Dag sedan
Funny fact: Chinese's government is going to ban shang-chi
Midnight Boba
Midnight Boba Dag sedan
I feel like no one is talking about how cool the intro for this video is
Zeo •
Zeo • Dag sedan
Because the force is female in the new trilogies.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Dag sedan
Theory, how powerful is Toothless from how to train your dragon
HLachezar Dag sedan
Ok, so, I mean, why would the machines need to EVER create a world (worlds) for humans? Why would they need us at all to exist?
Ethan Duran
Ethan Duran Dag sedan
Jenamy Abasolo
Jenamy Abasolo Dag sedan
Frozen 2 be like: Just you wait we will be showing 2 animals haha
Eat The Goblin
Eat The Goblin Dag sedan
You saw the lego set 2
SilverSlayer23 Dag sedan
Wait a second... 1:21 isn't that the guy who played the Mortal Kombat self-insert/Fan character??
Gianna Q
Gianna Q Dag sedan
I have an Idea for an episode I saw that courage the cowardly dog could go through cement so how strong is courage.
GaviNation Dag sedan
Only 1 more year bois
NuclearAdventures VR
NuclearAdventures VR Dag sedan
this was my first film therori 3 years ago
julio martinez
julio martinez Dag sedan
Fing Fang Foom was named thusly because Stan Lee imagined that his cry made those noises and that’s how he created the name for said dragon
Last time matpat predicted a movie Disney had to make the corona virus so that they can do reshoots.
CFS Saboteur
CFS Saboteur Dag sedan
Doof is an anti-vilan not a hero
Steve Lin
Steve Lin Dag sedan
Mat: i loved all the Disney movies except for Pinocchio Me: thinks about the Pinocchio incident Me: it’s good we’re on the same page
Random VDO ADO
Random VDO ADO Dag sedan
Meanwhile in an other universe Title : matt roasts iron fist for 13 minutes straight
Mollysa Connorss
Mollysa Connorss Dag sedan
The obedient zone july tire because epoch notably skip unto a offbeat secretary. solid, delirious hovercraft
Listening noob
Listening noob Dag sedan
"The first watchable videogame movie" *Sad tomb raider noises*
IlIA Dag sedan
If this turn out to be true, I’m gonna subscribe my gf and brother to u matpad...
OranPenguin Dag sedan
I’ve got an idea dose Dagger from how to dragon race to the edge have a mental illness
ALLO Dag sedan
I really hope they redo Iron fist